School Uniform

Class – Pre-Primary Section


  • Boys & Girls
    White T-Shirt, Black full pant, White socks, Black colour lace shoes (Lakhani)

Class – 1 to 10th


  • Boys
    Half sleeves white shirt & Grey full pant, School Belt, Grey socks with 2 white stripes, Black colour lace school shoes (Lakhani)
  • Girls
    Half sleeves white shirt & Grey skirt up to the knees length, School belt, Grey socks with 2 white strips, Black colour buckle school shoes (Lakhani)

Sports uniform

  • Boys & Girls
    white colour half sleeves T-Shirt & Black 2 black stripes lower, White socks, White colour canvas shoes (Lakhani)
  • Address

    Udaan The 7 Habits Foundation School
    MR-5, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Indore (M.P.)
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  • Contacts info

    +91 91 09 132 884

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