7 Tips to increase child's learning power.
In a kid’s life, memory plays a crucial role in raising a solid foundation for learning, both in school and beyond. But, not every child in the world is born with a sharp memory. Just like the eight wonders of the world weren’t built in a day, it takes time to build a strong learning power too. So here are some tips on how to improve your little millennium’s memory skills.
Encourage Questions

The basic step to remember anything is to understand it completely. So whenever the child throws a question on you, don’t just answer it, but also encourage him to ask more questions. The more he thinks about the topic, the longer time will it stay in his brain.

Create rhymes and songs

And your child will be able to memorize answers which are quite long! Our brain is strangely wired to remember music and patterns quickly, so using the rhyme of a poem or a song can help to recall the information learned by the kid & improve his memory.

Make learning a fun activity

Go out of the box and don’t stick to the notebooks for learning and development of the child. Take your kid on a trip to a museum, zoo or an art gallery where he can get a visual experience which will help him recall the study material he is learning. Taking help of colourful magazines or videos on different subjects is also a great option.

Encourage active learning

When children have completed reading a topic which was taught in school, ask them about their views on the same or tell them to explain what they have just read. Make it an interactive session and encourage the child’s participation. This helps children to retain the information in their minds for a long period which leads to improving memory power.

Use visual finesse

Ask your child to visualize an image of what he has read or heard. For example, if you’ve instructed him to set a dining table, ask him to imagine how that table is going to look and make him draw whatever is going on in his mind at that moment. This activity helps him recall things quickly and the information stays with him for a longer period.

Puzzles and board games on the roll

Doing puzzles stimulate the mind with new words, ideas, and strategy allows kids to recognize, memorize, and understand new concepts. This can help in their overall development when it comes to reading, spelling, and writing while making it a fun-loving activity.

Give them some time to forget things

First, let kids memorize various things, then wait for a few days or weeks, and ask them to remember what have they learnt earlier. Note down the parts that they have forgotten since these are the points which require extra attention and need to be reviewed again.

In the end, it’s not always about how much information a child can retain, it’s about what did he understand from the material he saw or read. That is where the actual learning lies.

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