6 things to keep in mind before selecting the right school for your child
When the child crosses the age of 2, most parents start preparing the list of the top institutes for the schooling of their young buds. And why not! After all, it is the stepping stone of their child’s bright future. So here are some important aspects that should not be ignored while selecting the right school for your kid.
1. Choose the correct environment/locality

During the ancient times, the locality of Gurukuls and Ashrams were noise-free and peaceful. Even today, this holds true. When it comes to the education, a healthy, peaceful and positive environment in and around the school leads to better understanding, discipline and ensures fruitful results among students, whereas, if the area is overcrowded or stressful, it can affect the behaviour patterns among kids.

2. Infrastructure

There is no denial in the fact that brilliant kids perform well even in inadequate conditions, but a good infrastructure gives an edge to the young, energetic brains.
Spacious and beautiful classrooms, multi-activity playgrounds, colourful and eye-catching surroundings provide the air of positivity and happiness among the kids and encourage them to go to school.

3. Availability of basic facilities and services

Most of the schools leave no pace when it comes to infrastructure. But, it should not ignore some of the basic yet crucial requirements of kids that help them to bloom in their lives better. So facilities such as availability of proper sanitation, first aid services, a canteen which provides nutritious food for children, etc., must be taken into consideration while selecting the school.

4. Teachers matter

Much more than you think. Teachers play the second most important role in the life of children, after their parents. Imagine a situation where the faculty preaching your kid isn’t concerned enough to maintain the level of understanding with students or a scenario where the teacher isn’t motivated enough to give attention to each and every kid and encourage them to participate more. So an important thing to do is to talk to the teachers. This way, you can get an idea of their views, and how they treat students.

5. Know the numbers

Keep in mind the strength of a classroom so that your child will get necessary attention as well as fair chances and opportunities to perform and develop. Check the school timings as to when it gets started and what time does it ends, duration of each class and recess time provided to students. These little things matter the most in the long run.

6. The curriculum followed by the school

There are various philosophies or teaching styles from which you can choose so that it suits best for your child and help him understand himself and the world in a better way. .


It is a sure shot answer to the parents who are looking for a school which helps the children to develop their leadership skills and independence. It focuses less on teacher-directing-children technique and encourages the kids to learn at their own pace, explore puzzles and toys on their own and get rewards for any successful completion of a task, like, riddles.


Known to develop the quality of individualism among kids, this type of teaching method emphasizes reading, singing, acting and creative learning. It holds a unique ability which excludes media such as computers, videos, etc.

Reggio Emilia.

This method is more of a research-based learning where lessons are taught according to the interests of students. They are allowed to explore the outer world, ask questions, and gain information and knowledge through their own encounters.

After going through the above mentioned things, all you’ve got to do is to trust your gut in the end, since parents/guardians know what is best suitable for their little stars and choose the correct schools which will help them to shine and twinkle in their lives.

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