6 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School
Worrying about getting your child ready for school? When it comes to primary preparedness, academic skills are far less important than fostering your little one's social skills and emotional competence.
Every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and meet people they have never met before. Starting a new school is a start of a new adventure, playing, interacting with new friends, and settling into a new routine.
As a parent, there are many things which you can do with your child to help them adjust to a primary school. Here are some ideas and activities that can help you ease your child's transition to preschool.
1. Prepare them emotionally

Ask your children about their feelings about starting a new school. Tell them it is okay to be afraid and reassure that if any problems arise at school, you will be there to help resolve them.

2. Point out all the positive aspects of starting school. Books are a great way for children to become familiar with the idea of school. The best way to prepare to them in life is to read to them. Tell them stories about when you were a kid and how much you liked school. In this way, they will become comfortable with the idea of joining the school.

3. Teach them to take care of their things

At school, children need to care for their things. Help your child practice packing and unpacking the backpack they will be using and teach them how to take care of their belongings. Practice eating food during recess from their school lunch box, letting them open and close it.

4. Visit the school

Take a short visit with your children to their new school and meet their teachers before school officially starts. Make them familiar with their new classrooms and the school campus.

5. Buy school supplies

Go shopping and buy necessary school supplies like school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil cases, and other useful items for your children. This will make them feel excited about the new school.

6. Teach them how to use the bathroom:

Teach your children how to use the toilet and to clean themselves afterwards independently. Of course, the teachers and staff will be there to help, but they should learn this essential life skill fast. It is really helpful for children to be able to use the toilet by the time they start school.

Preparation & Planning is the key to helping your children’s transition into their new routine leading up to the first day of the school. Don’t worry, most of the children adapt to school very well after the initial couple of weeks as routines are established and friendships are formed.

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