10 ways to understand your child's psychology better.
Children have very impressionable minds. That’s why their psychology needs to be understood and parenting decisions should be taken accordingly. Below are some simple yet effective tips for fulfilling the purpose.
Never compare

A Parent only wants the best for his or her child which leads them to compare the child’s milestones with that of another child. This activity is unhealthy for the parents and the child alike. The child gets pressured into competing with other kids and his or her self-esteem becomes at risk of lowering down. The parents also become unconfident about their parenting and forget that every individual is different and everyone grows, learns, and behaves differently.

Observe, don’t assume

The best way to understand your child’s psychology is to observe keenly. Notice their way of doing or saying something. If your child looks sad, ask them about their day. Maybe, they’re just tired. Don’t assume anything out of your observations and take hasty decisions. This leads us to the next tip.

Talk and ask the right questions

Talk to your kids more often. Focus on their tone, facial expressions and body language. While some kids easily open up, some don’t like to talk a lot. Asking the right questions can help get more expression from them. Ask them open-ended question to get longer answers out of them. Instead of asking what game they were playing today in class, ask how they were playing it.

Every relationship requires time

The parents are the ones children have their first relationship with. This relationship affects the future relationships they have with their peers, teachers, partners etc. Leave a positive impression of relationships on them by giving them your time and attention by eating, playing and studying with them.

Being a parent is important, being a friend is too

Make sure your child is aware of the fact that they can tell you everything. It is true that sometimes, you need to be strict and firm but being considerate and friendly is also necessary. This helps them trust you with things that maybe affecting them and are important to them.

You are the product of your environment

So is your child. You’ll easily find traits similar to your kid’s if you observe the group he/she is around most of the time. So keep an eye on the surroundings your child is in all day. A good school environment, a nice company in the park and a healthy atmosphere at home makes your child excel.

The mimicry game is more elaborate than you think

From the earliest months of their lives, children start to imitate the people around them, be it words or the way they handle situations. How you act around them will be sown into them for a long time. That is why you should ensure you’re not aggressive around them. Even when taking small decisions, tell them why you are doing it. It will help them understand your psychology and they’ll take reference from it when in doubt.

Don’t take calculated decisions

This is not something that has to keep you up at night. Don’t take calculated decisions as to what you want to allow your child and what must never be allowed. Exceptions are necessary. Having an ice-cream or watching that show they love so much a little longer cannot do any harm once in a while. Depriving them of things can stir rebellious thoughts in anyone, more so in kids.

Let them be their imaginative selves

Let them act their age. Let them believe in things that don’t exist. Don’t try to make your kid act mature as childhood is a very precious time. This is the time when a child’s imagination knows no bounds. Their silly stories will one day make them a creative and imaginative individual. Try to put yourself in your child’s shoes and keep growing as they grow. Evolve your methods and modify them with time. See! You don’t need a psychology degree to understand the working of your child’s mind. Patience and continual efforts can help you be the best parent to your younger one. Only you can understand your child the best and only your care can help them achieve the most magical of their dreams.

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