10 tips to make you a Great Parent.
Do you often wonder why didn’t the doctor give you a manual/guide when your kids were born? No worries, we are here to provide you with the parenting bible which will help you become ‘great parents’ and develop bonding with your children in a better way.

Connection starts with talking and listening. Make a habit of interacting with your children every day and listen carefully to what they say. Avoid responses like “fine” or “okay” and invite jolly expressions like "Wow!... Really...Tell me more..."to your conversation. After all, we are talking to the most energetic nippers on earth


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Don’t get overprotective and let your child spend some time around the house. Here’s an addition, try to join his clan sometime! It excites them when they see us willing to play football with them and have a cup of tea made exclusively out of their kitchen set.

Be flexible with the rules

Nobody wants to have a Hitler in the room. Make rules, but be flexible enough to tailor them as per your child’s needs and personalities. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all solution’ available in parenting since every child has his own capabilities. Remember, our job is to nurture them and not to torture them.

Right rewards

Some parents let their emotions overpower their sense and give kids sugary treats when they achieve something. Avoid it. Sugar makes kids lethargic. Instead, switch to delicious alternatives like dry fruits & home-made juices so as to keep their health maintained.

Public Behaviour

Misbehaving in public, picking up things that are not yours, ruining monuments, not talking in a respectful manner are some bad habits of children that need to be changed. Also, along with telling them not to create a mess, teach them the importance of behaving well in public.

Enjoy meals together

Make time for your young buds and eat meals with them. Benefits:

  • Kids develop healthy eating habits as adults.
  • It increases their vocabulary when they hear words out loud.
  • They connect well with their family members.

Turn off technology while interacting

Looking at today’s hyped up technology, it’s necessary for the parents to step out of the social zone and live in the reality with the loved ones. Your child will feel wanted when she will see her parents turning off their phones while listening to her.

Don’t solve their problems

Instead, make them learn from their mistakes. Sometimes, children come across with the best solutions from their own experiences and not from the advice of guardians.

Welcome emotions

Your child needs to vent out his emotions even if its anger or sorrow. So welcome the fears and tears, and show your affection to your tiny little star. Remember, you’re the one he trusts enough to cry with. Respect all those feelings and offer full support to make your bond grow stronger.

Have fun

Who’s a fun parent out there? You are. Hug. Smile. Laugh. Snuggle. Go out on a vacation or a small trip to Fun City with your kids and bring that curve on their faces!

In the end, they say for any building to stay mighty, it is mandatory to provide it with a strong foundation. If you have given the same to your child, you’re already on the list of ‘great parents’.

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